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The Coffee Partner Program

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If you're like most distributors of an Italian coffee brand, you're probably achieving mediocre results with your customers.

They are happy but you know deep down they could be happier.

Certainly, this is what you are offering today to your customers:

- Classic Italian brand

- Good Espresso Blends

- "Secret Recipe" of the roaster

However, you're likely facing significant and persistent challenges...

  • You NEVER receive the same coffee and the same quality

  • You ALWAYS face product unavailability

  • You FEAR waking up and finding someone else selling on your territory

Does it sound familiar?

This scenario is stealing your precious time, as you constantly find yourself justifying issues to your customers, tackling problems that shouldn't exist, and dealing with many other concerns instead of focusing on your primary goal:

🚀 Sell more and grow your business

All these issues are enough to make you lose your enthusiasm for being a coffee distributor.

But wait: it doesn't have to be like this...

Instead of working under constant stress, imagine if:

  • You could visit your customers just to sell instead of always handling complaints

  • You always have available stock

  • You feel safe and supported by your partner

Interesting? Continue reading below.

Make the choice now to represent a reputable Italian brand, with certified and award-winning products, successfully operating worldwide in two-decade-long partnerships with distributors like you


Here are 4 compelling reasons why choosing the right partner is the ONLY solution you have to be a successful coffee distributor

1. Consistent Quality
With the right partner, you can ensure consistent quality, and be able to provide assurance to your customers and receive orders rather than complaints.

2. Clear Agreements
Clear and transparent agreements mean you won't have exclusivity issues that keep you up at night. A trustworthy partner ensures your efforts in building a brand market won't go to waste overnight.

3. Flexibility and Support
A reliable partner offers flexibility to meet your needs and those of your customers. Whenever you face a problem or urgency, real people are ready to assist you in finding solutions.

4. Coffee experts at your service
You'll always have a team of experts at your disposal, supporting you in delivering exactly what your customers require.

It's evident that choosing a reliable Italian partner comes with numerous advantages which is why you'll undoubtedly want to access the Coffee Partner Program of La Genovese


To grow your business, it's crucial to feel confident about the quality of products and to feel heard and respected by your partner

By choosing La Genovese as your new Italian coffee partner, you can stop waking up every day feeling uncertain and treated just like a "number" and start focusing only on your customers without worries.


Here's what you'll receive when you join the Coffee Partner Program now:

  • You always receive consistently high-quality coffee over time

  • You establish clear and transparent business agreements

  • You have real people available 24/7 to help you solve issues and emergencies

  • You collaborate with a partner willing to grow with you

  • You have access to coffee experts that directly assist your customers with equipment setup, extraction and improving the final cup result


Craving for more?
Dive into our premium services below

  • Multiple Free coffee sample orders for your new customers

  • The seller's kit: contents and tools to catch more engaged leads

  • Marketing Coaching to help you improve your sales

  • Graphic design support for you and your customers

  • Q&A Live group video call

  • Private community to access exclusive contents and share your experience with other successful coffee distributors just like yourself

And much, much more:

La Genovese provides you with everything you need to bring your business to the success it deserves.

So, you've realized that we are the right partner to choose.

You might be wondering: how can I change my coffee partner overnight?

Allow us to tell you something..."

🚫 You don't have to!

Let your customers decide. Let them be the ones begging you to do it.

And If you think it's impossible, we're here to prove you wrong.

Interested? Discover how below:

Your customers have the same problems you have.

Because they sell the same product you sell.

And there's only one way to truly help them:


You must be their only solution

That's the key.
After 20 years of experience working alongside distributors like you we can tell you exactly how to do it.

With Coffee Partner Program you'll learn



Here's what awaits you in the Coffee Partner Program

  • High-quality coffee over time

  • Clear and transparent business agreements

  • A partner willing to grow with you

  • Priority 24/7 support

  • Extra free sample orders

  • The seller's kit

  • Expert Baristas for your customers

  • Marketing Coach

  • Graphic design support

  • Q&A Live group call

  • Private Community

You are 100% guaranteed

When you access La Genovese's Coffee Partner Program, you can invest with confidence because you'll always be covered by our special guarantee.

In the extremely unlikely event that we cannot help you achieve your growth goals within 12 months, we will refund you every penny you have invested with us.

No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coffee Partner Program (CPP) work?

CPP is tailor-made for La Genovese's exclusive partner distributors which includes "premium" services

What services can I have access to?

  • Priority 24/7 support to you and your team

  • Virtual calls with expert Baristas to assist your customers with equipment setup, coffee extraction, workflow and layout optimization, and more.

  • The "seller's kit" with all contents and gadgets you need to get more engaged leads

  • Marketing coaching to improve your strategy and increase coffee sales

  • Graphic design support for you and your customers

  • Live group Q&A sessions in video calls

  • Private community to access exclusive contents and share your experience

What do I need to do to access the CPP?

Access to the program is reserved for a limited number of customers with certain requirements. It is therefore necessary to go through a selection process.

Is the CPP a paid service?

Yes, a monthly payment plan is required to access the CPP.

Do I need to pay for the CPP to become a La Genovese distributor?

No! Our CPP is a premium service designed to boost your sales by providing access to exclusive content. However, there is no obligation to join the program, and you can sign up or unsubscribe at any time.

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